Friday, September 18, 2009


We are a group of fifth year students at Mississippi State University’s College of Architecture. More importantly, though, we are Jackson residents. Our goal is to encourage and continue the development of Downtown Jackson and the State Street corridor.

Although sprawl and decentralization have threatened Jackson, it is still a living city. Our goal is to work closely with Jackson’s residents; with their input, we hope to promote the city’s positive aspects and amenities, while identifying and offering possible solutions to problems within its borders. Jackson belongs to its residents. With their goals and desires in mind, our function is to serve as a guide for future efforts at restoring and maintaining interest, involvement, and pride in Jackson.


“Jackson is poised at the edge of a developmental boom. We’re here to remind residents of the vast potential held by downtown, and get them excited again.”


“The stretch of downtown along the State Street corridor is the heart of the greater Jackson area, and, with resident support, we hope to propose solutions to return the area to its rightful place as the center of entertainment, service, and business.”


“We want Jackson’s citizens to know that we are a voice that is helping to renew the sense of belonging that once saturated the air.”